Technology Consulting

We provide computer technology consulting for your computer needs. Our specialties are macOS, Windows , integration between operating systems, mobile, and Cloud based Google for Work or Office 365. Whatever your customized solution may be— a mix of OS and mobile— we can help.

FileMaker Databases

FileMaker is an ideal database system for small to medium-sized businesses and individual business units which require quick to develop custom app and data solutions. FileMaker is cross-platform Mac and Windows for the desktop version with which you can program your database. Additionally, there is iOS and web app functionality when using FileMaker server.

A custom business application offers a multitude of advantages that can transform the way your company operates. With a customized user interface (UI), tailored to your specific needs and preferences, your employees can navigate the application seamlessly, resulting in increased user satisfaction and productivity. Moreover, the ability to incorporate your branding elements ensures that the application aligns perfectly with your company’s image and identity, enhancing brand consistency and recognition. Custom applications are also designed to mirror your unique business processes, eliminating inefficiencies and automating tasks, leading to substantial time and cost savings. By investing in a custom business application, you’re not just optimizing your operations; you’re empowering your organization to work smarter, with greater efficiency and a distinct competitive advantage.

This is where we can help and lead your small business in the right direction.